Make it easier for others

”Hustle until you don’t have to struggle. Then keep hustling so you can help others that are still struggling.” (Grant Cardone)

Here’s the story of a man, who many years ago is said to have started a journey home. Home was a small and remote desert town, and his journey was on horseback. Sadly the man’s horse became ill and died in the desert, and what should have been a relatively easy two day journey home, became a perilous fight for survival. With his small water supply soon used, the man wandered through the desert wondering if he would ever see his home and family again. At the brink of utter dehydration, the man notices some shrubs growing nearby and decided to dig with his hands, to see if maybe there was water to be found under the the dry ground. 

To his delight there was indeed. He drank his fill and looked ahead to see more shrubs in the distance. He walked on and began to dig again, and again found fresh water. He drank and moved on. Every few hundred yards he fell to his knees and dug with his bare hands, but having nothing with him that could hold water, he would have to continue onwards and rely on having enough opportunities to dig for water until he had reached his home. 

The man continued this for a week or more, when finally he saw his home town on the blurred horizon. He staggered into the town, finally collapsing from exhaustion in the local diner and was well taken care of by his family and friends, making a full recovery from his ordeal. 

Some months later, the same man sat in that same diner eating his lunch, when another man came in. This man was dusty, tired and hungry, and explained that his horse had died in the desert and that he had been trying to make it back to town for four days. He ordered from the menu and took a seat. The first man couldn’t help but ask the stranger, ”If you have been out in that desert for four days, how come your are not near to death?” The stranger answered, ”Well Sir, I would have been, if it weren’t for all of the water holes that I found every hundred yards or so!” The first man had tears in his eyes, and he hugged the stranger, then he called to the waitress; ”Susie, give this man whatever he wants, and put it on my tab!”

I want you to pause your reading for a minute and think about how you would react if you were the person that walked the trail in the desert first. How would you feel if someone came after you and had such an easier path to walk because of all the efforts you first made? How would you feel when someone else reach their goals so much easier then you, down to the fact that you had to work so hard to make it?

Don’t be frustrated over that it was (or still is) hard for you. Don’t be frustrated over that it’s easier for others, no matter if it’s down to your efforts or their own. In fact our lives ought to be about making it easier for others.



This is a chapter taken from the book; Turn Your Vision Into Reality. The book is available at some of the following sites.







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